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Improve Your Nakshatras And Stars In Love, Marriage And Relationships
By Swami Shree Ram Sharma

Our ancient Sages/Rishis had identified 27 Nakshatras/ Stars, the 28th Nakshatra is known as Abhijit (comes after Uttrashadha Nakshatra and before Shravana Nakshatra), and overlaps, so practically there are 27 Nakshatras. Each Nakshatra has 4 quarters or padas, these Nakshatras are actually a group of stars visible in the sky. The Nakshatras are related to the Rashis/Signs and the planets have the lordship.

This was in the ancient times, and the modern scientists too have found the same.

The 1st pariraya includes the stars from 1 to 9.

The 2nd pariraya includes the stars from 10 to 18.

The 3rd pariraya includes the stars from 19 to 27.

The birth star of the person is known as Janma Nakshatra, the 10th star is known as Anujanma Nakshatra, the 19th star is known as the Trijanma Nakshatra.

Further, the birth star is Janma Nakshatra, the second is Sampatti or prosperity, the third Vipatti of danger or problems, the 4th as Kshema or happiness, the 5th is Pratyaram or undesirable, the 6th is Sadhaka or favourable, the 7th star is known as Vata, i.e., torture or massacre, the 8th is Mitra or friendly and the 9th star is known as Param Mitra, i.e., very friendly and the intimate relations. The same above sequence is in all the three Parirayas.

The following are the relationships:

1. Uttama or the best relationships: Count the boy's Nakshatra from the girl's. If the star of the boy is Sadhaka the 6th Nakshatra, or Kshema the 4th Nakshatra, or Param-Mitra the 9th star, the relationship is considered to be the best. The star of the boy may be in any one of the pariraya.

So the Nakshatras/stars 6,15,24;4,13,22;9,18,27 have the best of relationships.

2. Madhyama-Moderate relationships: Janma, Anujanma, Tiru-Janma Nakshatras.

The Nakshatras, 1,10,19;2,11,20;8,17 and 26th stars have the medium relationships.

Special Rules: If the boy's Nakshatra from the girl's star is 3rd or 5h or 7th in the 1st pariraya, their relationship is not good.

If the boy's star is the 3rd in the 2nd pariraya, reject only the 1st quarter or pada of the star, i.e., the boy's Nakshatra may be 12th from that of the girl. If the birth is in 2nd or 3rd or 4h pada, the relationship would be good. If the boy's star is 5th in the 2nd pariraya, only the 4th pada can cause problems. Also if the boy's star is 7th with 3rd pada in the 2nd pariraya, the relationship is not good, wherein in the other pada relationship is good. If the boy's star is in the 3rd pariraya and is in the 4th pada, the relationship is not good while in other padas of the nakshatra the relationship is good.

Regarding the 7th Nakshatra in 3rd pariraya, if the lord of the Nakshatra is a benefic planet, the relationship is good, but if the lord of 7th star is in evil houses, the relationship is not good.

Special rule for 27th star: If the boy's Nakshatra is 27th from the girl's, and if Moon is in the same sign of both of them, he relationship will be good. But if the Moon is in the 12th house from the girl's moon sign, the relationship will is not good. If the Nakshatras/stars of the boy and girl are the same the relationships should be understood as follows:

1. The Uttama or best relatonships: If their stars are either Rohini or Adra or Magha or Hasta or Vishakha or Shravana or Uttrabhadrapada or Revati, the relationship is as such excellent.

2. The Madhyama or Moderate: If both have the same Nakshatra/star as Ashvini or Kritika or Mrigsheersha or Pushya or Poorvashadha or Utrashadha, the relationship is of the medium type.

3. Atamam or no good: If both are born in the following Nakshaztra/stars, the relationship is no good. The Nakshatras are, Bharni, Ashlesha, Swati, Jyeshha, Moola, Dhanishtha, Shatbisha and Poorvabhadrapada.

Therefore, if the Nakshatra of the boy and girl are the same, the first mentioned 8 Nakshatras will create excellent relationships, the next mentioned 11 Nakshatras will have moderate relationships and the next 8 Nakshatras will have problematic relationships.

Same Nakshatras but Moon in different signs: For example, suppose Kritika is the star of both the boy and the girl. Moon may be in Aries, Mesha or Taurus, Vrishabha.

You can match them and relationships will be good (a) if both have moon in Aries or (b) both have Moon in Taurus or (c) the girl has Moon in Aries and boy has Moon in Taurus. Bu the relationship will not be good if the girl's Moon is in Taurus and boy's moon is in Aries.

VATA AND VAINASIKA: If the boy's Nakshatra is 7th when counted from the girl's Nakshatra, it is termed VATA. Naturally, the girl's Nakshatra is 2nd from that of the boy, and it is termed "Vainasika". These are problematic.

Exceptions explained by Rishi Kashyapa: He suggests that the girls born in the 6th Nakshatras, Kritika, Ashlesha, Chira, Anuradha, Dhanishtha and Shatbisha should no marry as the relationships will not be good with the boys born in the 7th Nakshatras namely Ashlesha, Swati, Poorvashadha, Dhnishtha, Bharni and Kritika. Here the married lie may be short.

But he approves match for good relations for a girl born in Adra, Poorvaphalguni and Pushya and the boy born in 7h Nakshatra born from them.

Rishi Kashyapa adds:

1. Happiness in life and birtth of good children if the girl is born in Poorvashadha Nakshatra and the boy in Hasta.

2. But the results will be opposite if the girl's Nakshatra is Jyeshtha and the boy's Shatbhisha.

3. The relationship will not be good and married life may be short, there may be separation even may loose her husband early if the girl's Nakshatra is Mrigsheersha and boy's Poorvashadha.

4. Similarly, the girl with Hasta should avoid marriage with a boy with Moola Nakshatra.

5. If the girl's Nakshatra is Rohini and the boy's Magha, the relationship is good and children too are good.

6. Similarly the above results (point no.5) for the girl with Poorvabhadrapada Nakshatra and the boy with Rohini Nakshatra.

7. Girls with Ashwini Nakshatra too will have tensed relationships and will have many daughters if they marry the boy born in Rohini Nakshatra.

8. Similarly, same for the girl born in Swati Nakshatra and the boy in Utrasadha (7th from the girl's Nakshatra).

9. The prelateship between the girls with Revati Nakshatra and the boy in Adra and also if the girl's Nakshatra is Uttraphalguni and the boy's is Jyeshtha, the relationship is not good. They don't lead a happy married life. The understanding between them will diminished. They get separated.

10. If the girl's Nakshatra is Magha, she will have dissatisfaction from her children.

11. The girl with Vishakha Nakshatra will have strained relationship with the boy having Shravana Nakshatra.

12. The girl with Shravana Nakshatra will have strained relations and may get separated and divorce the boy with Ashwini Nakshatra.

13. If the girl's Nakshatra is Utrabhadapada, their relationships too is short and may get separated early and lose the boy with 7th Nakshatra, or the husband.

14. The girls with Uttashadha Nakshatra Nakshatra have very good relationship with the boy born in 7th Nakshatra.

15. Same for the girls born in Poorvashadha Nakshatra, they have good relationships with their husbands.

16. If the girl has Bharni Nakshatra, they are very lucky if the boy's Nakshatra is Pushya.

The above information can be vey useful in knowing the relationships with 7th Nakshatra.

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