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Remove Depression and Fear of Ghosts Through Astrology - Vaastu
By Swami Shree Ram Sharma

Since time immemorial, the man has believed in the existence of ghosts, evil spirits, devdoshas (evil effects from angels), demons, Satan, Jinn, black magic, tona-totkas etc. Even today, in every culture and country, people accept with varied degrees of conviction their evil effects and existence. So All scientific advancements have failed to convince even the so called western countries. On he contrary even lot many scientists too believe in them.

One can deny the existence of ghosts and evil spirits, but cannot eliminate the fear of them from the minds of people. Psychiatrists talk of it as the possession syndrome. Some prominent instances of ghosts are:

The White House of USA is supposed to be inhabited by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. The Silver Oak bungalow in Chicago, built in 1880 by astronomer Alexander is declared possessed by ghosts, by the Chicago authorities. In 1964 in Japan, in a car race, car no. 42 appeared, participated and disappeared. This ghost car with driver was of car racer Masao Asono, who had died there the previous year. Lord Clive, the Viceroy of India, had murdered large Indians. Back in England, he used to see ghosts of Indians and even used to fire at them. Authorities had put a notice outside his house to be  beware of his bullets.

Science & Ghosts: The American Physical Society published the equation of ghost in 2001 by Physicists, A. R. Fazio, V. E. R. Lemes, M. S. Sarandy.  In another paper of   S. P. Sorella. And Indrajit Mitra, Jose F.Nieves, Palash B.Pal. The journal of Colloid & Polymer Science published the ghost equations of Kaneko, K. Asami & T.Harai.

Ghosts are, as per the Parapsychological Association of USA, "the more or less regular occurrence of paranormal phenomena associated with a particular locality (especially a building) and usually attributed to the activities of a discarnate entity; the phenomena may include apparitions, poltergeist disturbances, cold drafts, sounds of steps and voices, and various odours."

As per a survey in 2005 by the Gallup Organization, about 32% of Americans believe in the existence of ghosts. The term ghost has been replaced by apparition in parapsychology, because the word "ghost" is deemed insufficiently precise. There are many associations of Science, Physics, Chemistry, Meta-Physics, Psychology, Parapsychology and Medical & Neuro-Sciences etc.,  working with the concept of Ghosts and are available through websites. Further, the scientists, Jason Halls  and Wilson Grant,  with their team captured the images of ghosts & evil spirits using special movie cameras. They filmed impartially at a cemetery in Poland, a road in England and the Summerville house in USA and a house in Manchester where the spirits gor disturbed and switched off the camera. This episode was shown by ISBN-7 news channel on 23rd June'07.

When we enter an establishment, the environment there may be fearsome, irrespective of the existence of ghosts or evil spirits over there. And there can be negative energies and Vaastu defects. In case of inauguration of new houses, the planetary positions in transit and in the horoscopes of the family members can cause unbearable damage and problems and the Vaastu defects too have synergistic effects on the environment of fear of ghosts and evil spirits leading to psychosomatic problems, stress, tension, losses, ill health, surgeries and premature deaths. Peace and happiness is then a distant dream. The following are the Astrological and Vaastu defects: 

1.           If at the time of inauguration of construction, there are coal, ash, human or animal dead bodies or Tantrik totkas kriyas, black magic etc., the atmosphere of the house will seem to be haunted by ghosts and  the family members will constantly live under the spell of fear, mental confusion states, losses through thieves, litigation, quarrels, debts and the house may be sold.

2.           The Horoscope/Kundali matching be done. The Nakshatras are Angel/Deva, Man/Nara and Devil/Rakshasa and Deva Gana with Rakshasa Gana, Nara with Rakshasa and Rakshasa with Rakshasa Gana cause the problems.

3.           If the Sun is in or falls  in 3rd or 6th or 9th  or 12th Rashi/Sign (Gemini or Virgo or Sagittarius), and at that time if the family inaugurates the new house, they lose self confidence and encounter lot many problems and the atmosphere of fear and a psychosis looms large. 

4.           When in transit, if Moon is weak or is in malefic houses or if is influenced by Rahu, Mars or Saturn or Ketu, there may be psychological, physical problems with the women of the house. The house may seem to be haunted by ghosts and there can be untimely deaths also. There will be mental retardation of the family members, the male will have worklessness and will become dependent and idle. Moon represents mind, heart, water and women of the house who and other inmates  too will have problems  in the body like ENT, breathing, psychological imbalances, fear of ghosts etc.

5.           The Rahu associates with Sun or Moon, the family becomes the victim of Tantra, black magic, haunted houses etc., and they live in constant anxiety and tension. They start seeing snakes and ghosts in their dreams, and in waking times too. Sometimes snakes really come to their houses. Further, to add to their woes, many wild insects, white ants,  reptiles, wild birds and animals too start living there which is inauspicious.

6.           If the construction is started in the Rikta thithis/dates of both pakshas i.e., 4th,  ,9TH and 14th day as per Indian calend and 8th, 11th and 30th ar or if benefic stars are in 6th , 8th , 12th houses or Ascendent is Leo then also there are the problems.

7.           If the consruction is started in the following inauspicious yogas, then also the problems will be for the inmates: Vishkumbha(1) Atiganda (6), Shula(9), Gandha(10), Vyaghata(13), Vajra(15)Vyatipata(17), Vaidhriti(27 or 0).

8.           In transit, if  Sun is weak or is placed in malefic houses or Sun associates with Saturn ,the family suffers from insomnia, mental disorders, opposing vies between father and son, sleep  disorders, body pains and restlessness. The bad omens will seem to enter from these windows. They should be corrected.--- or Saturn with Moon and there is inauguration of the house, the family's downfall starts. They become victims of Tantra and evil effects. They loose peace and happiness. Instead of progress and success there is failure and paucity of opportunities.

9.           If in transit, there is Rahu associated with Jupiter or Mars, the family starts distrusting the good people and start trusting the evil people. They loose faith even in God. The family faces many ups and downs and the atmosphere is of fear of the unknown.

10.        If the house is started in Nakshatras like Hasta, Pushya, Magha, Revati, Poorvashadha or Moola falling on a Tuesday or Mars being in any one of them, there is the fearful atmosphere and there may be accident of fire or electricity and is painful for the children.

11.        If the house is started in Poorvabhadrapada, Utrabhadrapada, Jyeshtha, Anuradha, Bharni  or Swati  Nakshatra falling on a Saturday or Saturn is in any one of the above, there is the fearful atmosphere with the feeling of presence of ghosts and evil spirits.

12.        Effects of Vaastu defects of Corners: The Vaastu defect in 4 the corners SW, NE, SE and NW of the house or Brahma-Sthan, the Centre Point CP, lead to the retardation and blockage of the progress and peace and happiness is lost and the person comes under depression, phobias, schizophrenia, bad dreams, sleeplessness, waking in fear, seeing snakes, demons, ghosts, loss of direction and confidence, suicides, hallucinations, damage and deception from friends and losses, problems with  mind, heart, women of the house,  inmates cannot live in peace and there will be atmosphere of constant fear in the mind and heart,  problems of worklessness, idleness and dependence of male members on women, inmates live away from home, house lady gets troubles from mother in law, family feuds, enmity among the family, son, daughter in law, son in law, children will be mentally and physically slow and crippled, mental confusion, faultfinding, opposing arguments in the family and scared feelings. There is loss of finance and life through fire, electricity, accidents, litigation, termination, murder, Jail, chronic diseases,  thiefs and psychological problems. The house gets sold. The defects attract unseen invisible forces which increases problems, hidden enemies,  unbelievable happenings, evil eye, surgeries, atmosphere of anti God, the gripping fear of ghosts and haunted by evil spirits.  

13.        Effect of Animals & Birds: Images of frightening animals like tiger, leopard, bear, hyena and monkey are harmful. The birds like vultures, eagles, kites, owls, crows, bats,  other wild pigeons and  birds etc., too create opposing  situations and are carrier of psychosis, psychosomatic disorders, fear, ghosts, evil spirits and suicides. Caged birds and animals carry the curse of the souls disturbing our life energy. In an aquarium, fishes should be fed properly and not be overcrowded.   

14.        Pictures and paintings: Images of death, danger, sadness, weeping crying, illness, sickness, Mahabharta or battlefield, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, storms, torrential rains, floods, natural calamities, eclipses, dhoomketu,  violence, absurd, confusing or meaningless paintings are harmful.   

15.        Effect of plants and trees: The plants inside and out side of establishments affect the �ve/+ve energies, tantra effects and people report having seen evil spirits in them. Plants should be in even nos., like 2,4,6 and not in odd nos. The plants/trees thorny and milk producing etc., and like  cactus, Ber, lemon, papaya, anar, bananas gates, Gular, Dhatura, Banyan, cashew nuts, betal nuts, Tamarind, Guava, Jamun, Palm, rubber, Amla,   Pipul and mango (mango wood used in house or for furniture alone or with teak), trees making frightening shapes etc., are inauspicious. The trees overshadowing the house, obstructing main entrance, windows, in corners like NE, north of NW and east side of SE produce evil effects. The plants from cemetery, crematorium, burnt area, roadside ,wild grass, temple, hospital, Jail and plants gifted by ailing person produce evil effects. 

16.        Electrical Appliances: They are potent form of Rajas energy and emanate light, sound, heat, colours and electromagnetic frequencies disturbing biorhythmic cycles of the body. They shouldn't be in other than SE in the house, rooms or kitchen. TV shouldn't be in the room. 

17.        Effect of Colors: Every Nakshatra/Sign is represented by a color and the colors of house should not be incompatible with those of Nakshatras of inmates.  Selection of favorable colors of curtains, rooms, bedspreads, bedcovers, carpets, tiles stones, gate, doors and flooring etc., should be chosen as per the luckiest planets of the inmates. Curtains/carpets shouldn't be very dark, drawing room shouldn't be wall to wall carpeted. Black stones should be avoided or used very less at essential places only.  In general black, white, dark blue, violet and red colors must be used judiciously as they invite many financial and  psychological problems. 

Besides the above,  the room size should be even, e.g., 8X10  and not odd like 8X11. A roof height of less than around 12 feet burdens inhabitants, invites negativities, and the situations of the haunted house. The height and size of the upper floors should not be more than lower ones, plot must not be facing nor be sandwiched between larger plots. These shouldn't be there, e.g., kitchen under or over a living room, sharp edged tables, tableware or furniture,  scary masks, cracks in the house, stagnated stinking water, dampness, algae, broken or useless or negative articles, wrong positioning of articles, rooms, toilets, stairs, water, houses near temples, jail, cemetery, hospital, mental asylam  etc., and one should avoid contacts with negative people and their visits. 

If we act in time and remove defects of planets and empower them, as per the horoscopes of the family members and matching with the horoscope of the house and remove Vaastu defects without demolishing structures, we can escape from the brutal but curable clutches of undesirable evil of suicides, psychiatric disorders, fear, ghosts and evil spirits and live a life of love, peace, progress, success and fulfillment. This is our birth right on the planet earth.

Swami Shree Ram Sharma
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