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Make Saturn Happy - The Decider of your Career and Status
By Swami Shree Ram Sharma

Saturn is known to be the Lord of Karma, which decides our career and success as a Judge. This is decided by the locations of Saturn in which house or Sign, expecting which houses and signs, with which planets Saturn has relationships. Also Saturn is sandwiched between which planets are facts to be considered.

In transit, Saturn is making change from Cancer sign to Leo sign from 15th July'07, where it will remain for two years. So many changes will be in the lives of people, negative or positive.

To get desired success, you can appease Saturn through, Yantras, Mantras and lucky stones. In the Nadi books OF Astrology, there are various predictions based on the above. If Saturn is strong, THERE WILL BE EASY AND EARLY SUCCESS IN LIFE AND FRICTION, STRUGGLE AND FAILURES WILL BE LEAST IN YOUR CAREER. Most successful people have the position of Saturn strong in the horoscope and Navansh and out of influences of malefic planets. Some positions are as follows:

1.          If Jupiter is aspecting Saturn is situated with Saturn or having exchange, the person gets respect and occupies respectable position in career and society. The rise from the age of 22-23 years. This is a Rajyoga also,

2.          Those having Saturn-Venus relationships, they achieve the success in the second quarter of life. The success is after the marriage and due to luck of wife. They get into medicines, chemicals, rubber, import-export and films. They get the properties, comforts and amenities etc. This is also a Rajyoga,

3.          Those having Saturn and Mars relationships, they get success through struggle and lot of actions. They get into machinery, engineering, electronics gadgets and computers, 

4.          Those having Saturn and Mercury relationships, they get success through writing, publication, teaching, maths, intelligence and speech etc. They get into teaching and are good advocates also. Many of them become Judges, 

5.          Those having Saturn and Sun relationships, they get success through struggle and lot of actions. They get into Govt jobs, administration and politics etc. But success comes after lot of suffering,

6.          Those having Saturn and Moon relationships, they change professions many a times and get success through lot of struggle. They avoid actions and remain under constant anxiety and tension. They get into arts, literature, languages, teaching, literature, water based professions and travel etc. But success comes after lot of suffering,

7.          Those having Saturn and Rahu relationships, they into writing, publication, films, vehicles and low jobs etc. They avoid hard work and their association is with people with low mentality, which hampers their success,

8.          Those having Saturn and Ketu relationships, they get are careless type of people and many become saints etc. But they can become doctors, tailors and have some manufacturing. Saturn and Ketu are inauspicious together as Saturn likes actions and Ketu dislikes this,

Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius signs and if situated there or aspecting own houses, Saturn gives good results. In the signs of Jupiter, namely Sagittarius and Pieces, Saturn is Yoga Karka and is exalted in the sign of Venus i.e., Libra and in the other sign of Venus, Taurus, Saturn gets a benefits through art and films. Also it gives the same results if influencing the Gemini and Aquarius signs.  In Cancer and Leo signs, Saturn is Raj Yoga Karaka. In the signs of Mercury, in Gemini, Saturn is exalted, but in Virgo, it gives best results for name, fame, spearheads competitors and with the intelligence skills gives great image in occupation. In Aries Saturn is in fall and also similar results in Leo and Sagittarius. But its aspect being exalted, Saturn opens up more opportunities and good fortune in the second quarter of life. In Scorpio Saturn is considered good and helps in medicines and medical profession.

Wishing you successful career through Saturn!

Swami Shree Ram Sharma
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