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Your Future is in the cards (Part-I)
By Sonal Verma

Sonal Varma is one of the most respected & renowned Tarot practitioners in the Capital. She has been guiding people through Tarot Cards for the last 24 yrs, which probably makes her the most experienced in the field. Her daily Tarot forecast program �TEZ TAARE� on India�s most popular news channel �AAJ TAK� and its sister channel �TEZ� consistently has the highest TRP ratings and is arguably the most popular program of its kind.

A multi-faceted personality, Sonal is also a Creative Director & Conceptualizer and is a consultant to many organizations in fields as diverse as Pre-schools, FMCG companies, Tourism & Hotels, Govt Ministries, Advertising agencies and socially active NGO�s. Well-known for her expressive writing (in both English & Hindi!), her forecast columns have appeared in National daily newspapers and magazines. Her book �Kali Hariyali� is a moving testimony of the changing lives and times of the tribals of Jharkhand ever since coal was found on their lands, changing their lives forever.

On life she has her own deep observation, �Life is nothing, but just a sum of past, present and future; in short you may call it THE TIME. Experiences of past we bear with us and grow through its essence, in the realities of present we live and those are the hopes of future, for which we live and struggle. Obviously, the past is already known for everyone, while present is being known, but the future? It is a mystery for all beings. There are so many fears with the hopes and as man is the only creature that is said to be with mind, he always needs to be prepared to face challenges. It is only possible in the case as that we can have some glimpse of future. So everyone wants to know that what is there in the fist of time for him. Curiosity about future is as old as humanity itself. This is the reason for what man has developed so many techniques for knowing future. These techniques are according to the location, time and situations of a community, and of course, supported as to the facilities.

On being asked as to how she got into Tarot, she laughs and says that with her it was the other way round, �because it was Tarot that got into me. I had just entered my teens and was living in a small inconspicuous town in South India where my father, an army man, was posted. I had always been extremely intuitive and sensitive to unseen influences but nothing could have prepared me for my encounter with Tarot.� She was taken completely unawares by the strange images that started entering her dreams. Unable to understand the meanings of these strangely significant visions that she was seeing, she went through a traumatic time trying to come to terms with what was happening and for which nobody seemed to have answers. �Just imagine, most people still haven�t heard of something called Tarot despite most newspapers carrying a column. And here I was, 24 years ago, in the back of beyond where I could not even clearly describe what I had by now started seeing in my waking state too. � It was to take a further 2 years before her father was posted back to Delhi and she started living with the larger joint Varma family. � It was this cousin of mine who got me a deck of Tarot cards from the International book fair held that year and I cannot describe the sheer relief I felt on finally understanding the meaning of my visions. This Tarot card deck contained the very images that had been coming to me as dreams and visions since the age of thirteen! After that it was only a matter of being reminded of the meanings that I seemed to know from some lost forgotten memories.�

Soon Sonal was casting spreads and holding Tarot sessions for her huge circle of family and friends. She firmly believes that she gained top marks in her college because of her forecasting abilities. After taking an honors degree in history from Miranda House, she joined HTA (presently known as JWT), India�s No 1 advertising agency as trainee copywriter. �I was a typical giddy young party girl, thoroughly enjoying life and having great fun. I played hard and I worked hard. I had some very good breaks very early in my career. The 7up launch, the UNICEF immunization campaign, the 1991 Congress (I) election campaign, etc, I was all set to make a leap to the top.� But something happened that meant a paradigm shift in how she viewed her life. Her father was diagnosed with cancer 16 yrs ago and was categorically given 3 months to live by the doctors. It was a traumatic time for the whole family. �From choosing to work because I enjoyed it I now to work because I had no choice. I was the only breadwinner of the family. This was a time of constant doubt and questioning, of losing all hope and grieving over the futility of life. How could God do this to us? Why did it have to happen to me only? What did I do to deserve this? The same thoughts that arise in everyone�s mind when the bad times come.�  So has she found her answers? She says she has, at least to some extent and no longer has any doubts whatsoever that she will be shown the rest when the time comes.

The complete credit, she says, goes to her Guru. She thanks God with all sincerity for granting her that traumatic period of her life because, as she says, �You can never appreciate the preciousness of a Guru�s love till you have passed through a time of complete hopelessness with not a single friend to share your lonely burden. My Guru saw me fall and picked me up, He saw me cry and wept with me, I lost my way and he took me home again. He gave me and my father a miracle to light our lives. How can I not believe in miracles when, by the grace of my Guru and my God, my father today walks and even drives without a substantial portion of his spine. He is a walking talking miracle. I don�t just believe but that God listens to sincere prayer and heartfelt needs.

She realized that she had been put through these trying times so that she could use her gift of Tarot the way God wanted her to. It has given her the ability to empathies with people. To not just hear their problems but to actually feel their pain and knowing sorrow, to give relief and ease to the suffering person. Tarot Like any other occult sciences, Tarot too has remedies for the grief and problems of human being. Famous Tarot Reader Sonal Verma tells, �In our system, the basic theory is of balance. If a person is suffering from any evil, it is only due to lack of balance. Life is a sum of positive and negative energies. Both are necessary, and in a balanced form. If positive energy is going high or low, it will cause problem and the same is with negative energy. Through our remedies we try to balance the energies.�

How can tarot reader do it? She answers, �There are many ways for this. I use Mantra and Yantra healing. Sometimes I use reiki and Rudraksh healing and cologne therapy also. Numerology and Karmic healing can also be used for several things.�

Sonal Verma
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