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Neeraj Jain

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Supply Chain management-Vendor Development, New Product Development, Operational Management, Cost Saving Initiatives

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B.E. Mech Engg-NIMT
Graduate diploma in Materials Management from IIMM
Post Graduate in supply chain management from Symbiosis, Pune
Senior Business Leadership Management from IIM-B, Harward Business School

Expert Profile

Key Functional Areas(in last 23 years)

Supply Chain management-Vendor Development

  • Identifying and developing a dedicated vendor base for achieving competitive purchasing & desired capacities as per the required product Mix.
  • Worked in China for global outsourcing for motorcycle parts and also outsourcing tractor parts from Turkey.
  • Ramp up of volumes with the existing suppliers/additional suppliers to achieve the business goal.
  • Established office in China for exporting assys in CKD & SKD units to Mexico while working for motor cycle manufacturer.
  • Vendor Consolidation after assessing the performance of the vendors along with SQA team.
  • Facilitating design changes proposed by suppliers to improve ease of manufacturing and also getting cost benefits.
New Product Development
  • Preparing & executing project plans for new model of Tractors within the desired time and cost parameters.
  • Interfacing with R&D for necessary modifications in component design for manufacturability of components.
  • Developed new models of tractors involving gears & shafts, machined components, plastics, precision components, proprietory items, forging, casting & fabrication.
  • Developed indigenized 4 stroke engine for 92 cc Bike in collaboration with Briggs & Stratton, USA.
  • Conducting regular audits to ensure that materials received from vendors conform to pre-set quality standards; analyzing rejections and taking corrective actions.
  • Developed suppliers in cold forging technology and radial forging for getting competitive advantage.
Operational Management
  • Effective role in Inventory management to meet the production requirement without line stoppages .Balancing the inventory norms for critical/non critical parts.
  • Creating super market in house & at vendor end for smooth supplies as per schedules while working for Hitech Gears.
  • Monitoring Inventory on fortnight basis to ensure the best possible mix is available for smooth production.
  • Co-ordination with production and planning department, co-ordination with marketing department for designs and customer requirements to reduce dead inventory in future. Effective utilization of capacities.
Cost Saving Initiatives
  • Efficiently working with the designer & vendor to modify design for ease of manufacturing & thus reducing cost .
  • Incorporating various VA/ VE initiatives with an aim of reducing scrap/wastage/rejections by sponsoring projects along with cross functional teams.
  • Successfully achieved the target of Rs 3000/- per tractor cost savings by vendor rationalization and negotiations.
  • Technology improvement at supplier’s end by funding him and getting cost benefits in long term.
Significant Achievements-in last 23 years.
  • Created a supply chain model for forward planning/Risk Management/supplier capacity enhancement.
  • Developed 4 stroke engine for 75cc motorcycle in collaboration with Briggs and Stratton –U.S.A.
  • Developed camshaft & crankshaft for single , double & triple cylinder engine for tractors and substituted import.
  • Successfully developed 8x2 gear box,8x8 gear box,12x4 gear box for 35HP-75HP tractors by getting involved from design stage.
  • Setup of global outsourcing office in CHINA.
  • Ramp up of new model of tractor for exports for North American market.
  • Developments of pressure die casting tools for aluminum castings for 4 stroke engine.
  • Developed gear forgings thru cold forging process thus reducing cost.
  • Vendor consolidation by reducing no of suppliers & vertical integration.
  • Relayout of stores to eliminate waste & save time.
  • Input wt reduction in forgings to reduce cost by 15%.
  • Introduction of collapsible packaging during inbound logistics resulting in zero transit damages and saving cost.
  • Awarded certificate for outstanding achievement for new product development in Eicher Tractors.

Experience & Qualifications

Worked with various companies like

    --TAFE Ltd
    --Hitech Gears Ltd.
    --Savia Ltd. ( China)
    --Hero Briggs & Stratton Ltd
    --Eicher Tractors Ltd