Alfred Barich

Expert in: Cancer Specialties (Oncology)
Languages: English

Surgical Oncologist / personalized Oncology Treatment/ Cell therapies and Hyperthermia (Local and Full Body)in conjuction with conventional modalities

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MD,Surgery, Surgical Oncology,Professor of Biological Sciences,

Expert Profile

Patients are evaluated extensively and therapeutic strategy is developed.It may begin with surgery and continue with conventional modality treatments such as Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy alone or in conjuction with Dendritic Cell Therapy and Hyperthermia. Re-evaluation of strategy depends on degree of response.

Experience & Qualifications

Theagenio Cancer Hospital, Head of Oncology Panagia Hospital,Member Board of Directors AHEPA University Hospital,President CRYOMED biotechnology Corp., Chairman Scientific Advisory Board, Member Scientific advisory Com. Hellenic Society of Oncological Hyperthermia, member European Society Hyperthermic Oncology,member New York Academy of Sciences, American Association for Advancement of Sciences, European Association for Cancer Research,Founding member and Board member of Hellenic Oncology Research Group, and others (to be named if necessary)