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Dr. Shilpa Jasubhai - Manyzone Expert

Dr. Shilpa Jasubhai is a practicing clinical psychologist and a counselor. She is dealing with children and parents and helping people with psychological problems.
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
Certificate Courses in Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Clinical Nutrition, NLP, Foundations in Hypnotherapy and EFT
•Working as a Psychologist, Counselor and doing Psychological Assessment
•Attended workshop on remedial program for specific learning Disability
•Attended conference on motivating the mind using brain research to enhance student performance at Harvard University
•Working Experience in Psychological Testing at Antarnad Foundation
•Experience in working with dyslexic and ADHD children at Dr. Ratna Bilwani’s Clinic
•Lecturer in Psychology for the Diploma Program at Mahatma Gandhi International School 2005-2009
•Conducted a workshop on Parenting at Mahatma Gandhi International School
•Conducted a workshop on Developmental Milestones at Riverside International School
•Worked as a Clinical Psychologist at Pulse Hospital
•Worked as Course coordinator and a counselor at Cosmo Castle International School
•Conducted a Workshop on developmental milestones at Cosmo Castle International School
•Faculty at POESIS 2010-Present
•Conducted a talk on Stress and its effects on children at Shanti Asiatic School
•Conducted Workshop on Time Management at IDEAL Institute
•Conducted Workshop on Developmental Mile Stones at Red Bricks School
•Conducted Workshop on Stress Management at JBS Group of Companies
•Conducted Workshop on Critical Thinking at POESIS
•Conducted Workshop on Time Management at JBS Group of Companies
•Conducted Workshop on Art of Listening at JBS Group of Companies
•Attended conference on Early Intervention Treatment for Autisum Spectrum Disorders
•Presented a Poster at American Psychological Association, USA 2010
•Attended conference on Brain at Work at Ahmedabad Management Association
•Member of Ethics Committee of Cadila Pharmaceuticals
•Conducted teacher’s workshop on developmental milestone and Brain gym at Nirma School
•Conducted workshop on Effective Communication at JBS Academy
•Member of Board of Studies at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU)
•Visiting faculty at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) 2012
•Registered with Rehabilitation council of India
•Published a paper in Research Aaj Tak, April-June 2012
•External trainer for Pearson for Gujarat
•Working as a school counselor at EURO School
•Conducted workshop on Problems in Adolescence for children and parents at EURO school
•Conducted workshops on Leadership and Effective Communication At EURO School

• Shalby Hospital
• AIMS Hospital
• Poiesis
Dr. Shilpa Jasubhai after finishing her schooling in 1980 chose psychology as her field of interest and finished her Bachelors and Masters in Psychology in 1983 and 1985 respectively from the Gujarat University. Along with her masters in order to nurture the creative child in her, she did a certificate course in Interior Designing from the School of Architecture. Since then she has been actively working independently in the same field.

From 2003 she started working in the field of psychology. It was her utmost passion and desire to learn more and more that she continued her efforts of gathering more and more knowledge as she finished her certificate course in Psychological testing. During this period she accumulated immense experience by working with Antarnad foundation in Psychological testing. She worked with renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Ratna Bilwani for Dyslexic and ADHD children. In that pursuit she gathered great acumen in the above field.

From the year 2005 an important faze of her carrier started. During that period she attended a seminar on “Mind motivation using brain research to enhance student performance” from the prestigious Harvard University, became a lecturer in Psychology at the Mahatma Gandhi International School and enrolled herself for PhD with Gujarat University. Alongside she amassed diplomas in wood ornamentation and glass in 2006 and 2007 respectively from the Institute of Design, Art, Expression and learning and it was acknowledged by Society Interiors in 2007.

She achieved a land mark by getting her Doctorate In the year 2007. She had been conducting various workshops in schools, institutes and in different corporate houses. To complete her knowledge bank during the next three years she did various certificate courses viz. Brain Gym, Optimal learning, Vision Circle, Whole brain learning, Educational Psychology In Depth, Touch for Health from the prestigious Institute of Kinesiology and a certificate course in Dyslexia from USA. She also did a certificate course in Neuro Linguistic Programming. These courses changed her outlook and helped her immensely to gather a broad vision in Clinical Psychology and helped her take a great leap in clinical practice.

With the above arrows in her quiver of clinical psychology she is presently practicing as a successful Psychologist. She is a faculty at AIMS Hospital and Shalby Hospital. Her effort were taken into note by the prestigious Sakhi magazine which covered her article in 2008, 2009 and 2010 on counseling, prenatal bonding and role of a psychologist in pregnancy.

Last but not the least, her paper on “Mental makeup and coping mechanism of Indian women (rural and urban)” has been acknowledged by the prestigious American Psychological Association and presented at annual convention, 2010. She has been empanelled in the Independent Ethics Committee of Cadila Pharmaceuticals as one of the members. Recently she has been appointed as a member of Board of studies at PDPU and is a visiting faculty at PDPU. She is registered as a psychologist with RCI from 2012 and had an opportunity to publish a paper in an Indian Journal, Research Aaj Tak, April-June 2012 issue. She completed certificate courses in EFT and Meta Medicine. She has been appointed as an external trainer for Gujarat by Pearson. In 2013 she joined EURO School as a school counselor. She successfully completed a certificate course in Learn to Read Body language.

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