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drjax - Manyzone Expert

Many years working with a wide variety of mental disorders, teaching graduate school, and serving as expert witness in many diverse court cases ranging from child custody to murder.
Highest degree: Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology)
Applicable Graduate Coursework

Fundamentals of Counseling
Analysis of the Individual
Group Dynamics
Theories and Practice: Individual Interventions
Vocational Psychology
Marriage and Family Therapy
Communication and Human Relations
Organizational Psychology
Bio Bases of Human Behavior I
Personal Growth and Professional Development
Sensation, Perception, & Maturation
Psychopathology I - Infancy, Childhood and adolescent disorders; mental retardation
Cognition, Learning, & Motivation
Psychopathology II - Adult, phobias, somatoform, dissociative, sexual, personality d/o
Psychological Assessment I (WAIS-R, WISC-R)
Biological Bases II
Psychopathology III - Affective, psychotic and organic mental disorders
Legal and Ethical Issues in Psychology
Research Seminar
Clinical Hypnosis
Psychological Assessment II (MMPI, MCMI, CAQ, FIRO-B, BENDER, etc.)
Psychological Assessment III (RORSCHACH, TAT, DAP, HTP, Incomplete Sentences)
Clinical Skills I - Basic Intake & Interviewing
Clinical Skills II - Test Interpretation Techniques
Clinical Skills III - Diagnostic Report Writing
Clinical Skills IV - Psychodynamic Therapies
Clinical Skills V - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Clinical Skills VI - Existential/Humanistic Therapies
Human Development I - Childhood & Adolescence
Human Development II - Adult and Aging
Research Design & Methodology I - Basic Statistics
Research Design & Methodology II - Advanced Statistics
Research Design & Methodology III - Test Theory and Construction
Contemporary Issues I - Social
Contemporary Issues II - Women, Gays & Lesbians
Contemporary Issues III - Cross Cultural Therapy
History and Systems of Psychology
Theories of Personality
Neuropsychological Assessment I - Theory and Assessment of Children
Neuropsychological Assessment II - Theory and Assessment of Adults
Neuropsychological Assessment III - Advanced Neuropsych Assessment
Field Practica (I - VI, 1,000 hrs)
Written Comprehensive Exam
Oral Comprehensive Exam
Oral Dissertation Defense

Teaching Experience

Introduction to Psychology - Georgia Military College
The Psychology of Death and Dying - Wayland Baptist University and Webster University
Psychology of Parenting - Wayland Baptist University
Marriage and Family - Wayland Baptist University
Theories of Personality - Wayland Baptist University
Psychological Testing (Graduate Level) - Webster University
Advanced Diagnostics, Report Writing, and Treatment Planning (Graduate) - Webster University
Leadership (Graduate Level) – Webster University
Criminal Behavior: Psychology of the Criminal Mind (Graduate) – Webster University
Child Psychology – Webster University
Psychology of Death and Dying – Webster University
Psychology of Adjustment – Webster University
Psychopharmacology – Webster University

Masters Thesis

Booth, Jack H., The Psychological Impact of Retirement, , 1982


Booth, Jack H., Personality Styles and Dentistry: Interpersonal and Patient Care Implications
American School of Professional Psychology, 1997

Professional Publications

Booth, Jack H., Conners’ Rating Scales, Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2002
Booth, Jack H., Delirium, Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2002
Booth, Jack H., Hypnosis, Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2002
Booth, Jack H., Malingering, Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2002
Booth, Jack H., Shared Psychotic Disorder, Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2002

Newspaper Publications

Domestic Abusers Control the Money
Domestic Violence Laws Need Revision
Domestic Violence Legislative Changes
Intimidation Another Tactic of Men Who Batter
Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt
Mind Game Tactics of Domestic Abusers
Stop the Madness (domestic violence article)
Domestic Violence Last Thoughts and Summary
Road Rage
Technology Saves Time or Does It
Are Video Games Addictive?

Court Experience

Expert witness in U.S. Coast Guard Court Martial – Sexual Misconduct with a Minor
Expert witness in U.S. Marine Corps Court Martial – Ability of Defendant to Understand Signed Confession
Expert witness in Federal Court – Competency to Stand Trial
Expert witness in General Sessions Court,– Competency/Intellectual Functioning – Murder
Expert witness in General Sessions Court,– Criminal Sexual Assault with Weapon
Expert witness in Family Courts, Berkeley,– Child Custody/Parental Fitness (>100)

Singular Accomplishments

Only practitioner in the United States approved by NCS (now PAR) to teach the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory – 2; others teach this instrument, but none have gone through the rigorous approval process of the test publisher and distributor.

Completed more than 1,500 parental fitness evaluations. Provided expert testimony in more than 100 cases.

Developed specific online fillable intake documents – marketed nationwide

Developed educational software product marketed in US and China.

Personally wrote computer program for both Adult and Adolescent Sexual Offender testing.

I have a very broad base of experience in the mental health field. Recognized as an expert witness in an array of court proceedings including civil, criminal, and military courts martial.

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