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Fatema - Manyzone Expert

Personalized and comprehensive report on individuals Personality,Career Values, Skills and Abilities,Interest, and an Education & Career Road-map with 98% accuracy on results.
M.Sc in Counseling Psychology
8 years of relevant experience in the field of Career Assessment and Career Counseling. First hand experience different industries and in various departments of an organization
We provide a 2 hours Career Counseling session that includes:
1 - Introductory session
2 - Self awareness activity
3 - Reliable Career Assessment to understand the students personality, career interest & career values and aptitude.
4 - Interpretation of Career Report and Counseling session with students and parents
5 - Help in goal setting and decision making
6 - Provide detailed information on the suggested education an career paths (course, eligibility, competitive exams,
college/university, skills requirement etc)

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