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Shani Dosha Nivaran
Shani Dosha Nivaran
Homam for : Shani Dosha Nivarana
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This yagya is meant for mitigating the negative effects of Shani (Saturn). The position of Shani in Specific House of the natal Horoscope or Gochar Position (Sadesati etc.) causes Suffering to the native. Shanti of the same is done by performance of yagya.

Shani Puja or worship of Saturn mitigates the hardships one will have to face during bad times. Shani Puja is also recommended to people who have Saade Sati of Shani in their horoscope. One is advised to recite the following Shani Mantra facing the west, to minimize the evil influence of afflicted Saturn.

Saturn is the slowest moving planet as it takes 30 months or 2.6 years in each Rashi and completes one cycle in 30 years. Transit of Shani can cause problems from Govt., peers, wife, children, slowdown in business,loss of relationships, loss of property and leprosy etc.

In Vedic astrology, the planet Saturn is called Shanaishwara. Saturn is regarded as an emaciated God with long physique, big teeth and tawny eyes. Shani is indolent and lame. The temperament or nature of Shani is airy. Saturn is considered to be a malefic graha. It is believed that Shani can make a person, a king or a beggar according to the native's deeds (karmas). It can bring in success in many aspects of life like family, relationships, children ot it can bring in doom in these aspects. So shani is worshipped to bring in positivity in life.
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Homam Purpose :Shani Dosha Nivarana
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Puja Purpose :Shani Dosha Nivarana
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