Birth Number Analysis

Birth Number Analysis Birth Number is the number which influences the most the characteristics associated with the person, his personality as a whole. It can be derived by adding all the digits in the date of birth. The resultant single digit number puts the major impact on an individual's life, his success factor, his good and bad times, his adeptness at handling the situations, the flow of enrgies around him.

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Birth Number is considered to be the most powerful tool within numerology to calculate the destiny of an individual.The importance of birth numbers have been recognised since the earlist civilizations. Birth number is evolved from the date of birth of an individual. Birth Number helps in predicting the future of the person and calculating all the important happenings in the life of a person. Birth Number does not merely predicts events; it directs and offers alternative suggestions to lifes problems. By being able to identify the conditions and paths that are the most fortunate for you, the study of the power of numbers can change your life for the better. Through the use of certain energies that are available to you, you can redirect negative luck and open up the channels for winning.

Birth Number is derived by adding all the digits in the date of birth till the result becomes a single digit. So if the person is born on 20th January , 1970 then his birth number is 2+0+1+1+9+7+0 =20=2+0=2 . The personality of the person and the characteristics associated with the person like his attitude, conscious awareness,subconscious fears, his relationships with people around, success quotient in different areas,emotional quotient, the energies being radiated by him are all influenced by the vibrations of this birth number or the associated planet and the respective positions of planets.

Birth number has got the strongest forces associated with this number. The birth date number cannot be altered. It represents the vibrations and the associated energies which one should take care of to stay on the winning side of things. The birth number is the most powerful of all your personal power numbers: your strongest lucky number. The Universe is operated with exact mathematical precision calculated to a fraction of a second. You are a part of that universe and you harmonize with certain energy channels operating within our world. You can also clash certain energies. By knowing which conditions are the most fortunate for you, you can make the most out of all your opportunities.

You will be able to direct your life and events that effect you into more positive channels and begin to put your vibrations on a higher wave - one which attracts lady luck. Success comes through knowledge of existing conditions and how to conquer them or use them to your own advantage.

Your birth number can introduce you to the inner workings of your world and open your eyes to talents or potentials you might otherwise never use and develop. It might also open a lot of material doors for you. Once you know what your most fortunate circumstances are and when the best times are for you, you can eliminate a lot of odds against a successful venture or speculation. Numerology can't promise that you will win all the time but, it can promise to lessen the odds and help direct you to the winners circle.

People who have fantastic luck are the ones that are in the right place at the right time. By knowing your most favorable times and activities, you can put yourself in the right place at the right time.

We all have unique patterns that can be identified by the study of numerology. We can find our place in the universe and learn to identify all things that we come in contact with in our everyday life. The principles behind numerology are that nothing happens by chance. Each of us comes into this world with a certain group of vibrations and the date of birth is the strongest of these.

This work concerning the birth numbers is by no means a complete study of the different values of the numbers. It is meant to serve as a guideline to help you to identify your most fortunate positions and opportunities. AIl things have their level and type of vibrations and everything vibrates at its own rate. Each object seeks its own. That way all things find their proper place in the Universe.

In a nutshell, birth numbers let you understand yourself better.