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Pediatric Specialties Online Experts

I am a pediatric occupational therapist working in the field of developmental disabilities. I treat children with neurological delay.

I am a Congenital cardiac surgeon who operates on kids with Congenital heart diseases.

Pediatric surgery

Pediatric Cardiiology, Interventional Cardiology, Fetal Cardiology, Cardiac Genetics.

I am Pediatric Surgeon by profession dealing with Neonatal and Pediatric Surgery

Newborn and pediatric congenital anomalies and their surgical correction in cluding laparoscopy, cystoscopy

pediatrician counsultant.

Pediatric nephrology Services

More than 15 yrs experience in the field of pediatrics

Senior Neonatology Consultant, with experience in all kind of neonatal disorders.

Emergency Medicine and Pediatric emergency

pediatrician and neonatologist expertise in Intensive Care

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