India, a secular democracy, having the popultaion of more than 100 crores is a multicultural and multireligious society. The people of different faiths and religions celebrate festivals all through the year. In the larger Indian society, a major role of the festivals is to promote unity in diversity, with emphasis on communal harmony. Every community - Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians,Buddhists, Jains and others have their own festivals and they celebrate the same with great fervor. Festivals are also celebrated to mark changes in the season, such as the advent of spring or the beginning of a rainy spell. Then there are national holidays and celebrations like Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti. These are the days which are celebrated by members of all communities. In addition to these there are many regional festivals and celebrations which are specific to regional locations and communities.

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Hindu Festivals

It's been said often enough that Hindus celebrate everything. So they do. The birth of gods, death of asuras, victory of the gods, marriage of the gods, the new year, new months, full moons, new moons,

Sikh Festivals

India is the country where some of the greatest religions of world have originated and Sikhism is one of them. Sikhism is the religion, a life style , a concept , an ideology and much more. It is  generally associated with th

National Festivals

India is considered as a land of festivals. Apart from religion linked festivals, India also has moments of formal celebrations. Festivals of national importance are reckoned as National Festivals. National festivals are celebrated in the name of gre

General Festivals

There are many festivals which are celebrated by various strata of people across the world but have no religious meanigs or reasons associated with them to celebrate.   

Christian Festivals

Festivals of Christians are celebrated in as much the way as other festivals. The Christians celebrate festivals like Easter, Christmas and Good Friday. They are colorful and full of religious sentiments

Muslim Festivals

Muslims forms an important part of India's unique culture and tradition. Muslims in India follow and celebrate all famous Muslim holidays that are celebrated in different parts of the world. These Muslim Holidays in India are based on Islamic Ca

Zoroastrian Festivals

Parsis are of ancient Persian descent, and belong to the Indo-European branch of the Aryans. The Zoroastrian, or Parsi, community is the smallest major religious group in India. They number about 100,000, and are concentrated overwhelmingly in

Buddhist Festivals

Buddhists have festivals centered on Buddha and the Bodhisattvas. It is said that most of the festivals were started by Buddha himself. However, in India, one doesn’t see much of the hype centered on these festivals as in other religions. Festivals a

Jewish Festivals

Judaism, the traditional faith of the Jewish nation,  is one of the world's four great monotheistic religion. It is identified as the religious culture of Jewish people and makes up the cultural system of Jewish law, tradition, and cus

Chinese Festivals

Chinese Festivals

Jain Festivals

Jain Festivals

Festivals by Indian States

Festivals by Indian States

Festival Calendars

There are various Festival Calendars which are prevalent according to religions or countries across the globe. The Hindus have got their own calendar based on the festivals being celebrated by them across the country. Similarly the Christians, J