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Beauty and the Planets
By Dr Ram Sharma

Beauty is strength and strength is beauty -the two go hand in hand.

Beauty is also consciousness, awareness, intelligence, youth, diversity, lightness, change, excitement, originality, genius, truth, independence, freedom, faith, hope, honesty, clarity, simplicity, trust, warmth, love, happiness, joy, life, creativity, courage, action, initiative, independence, energy, movement, speed, self-realization, balance, harmony, symmetry, duality, peace, compromise, co-operation, unity, and justice.

Beauty is also solidity, stability, endurance, calm, quiet, resourcefulness, intuition, sensitivity, receptivity, caring, nurturing, devotion, remembrance, service, duty, reliability, humility, thoroughness, purity, perfection, depth, focus, intensity, exclusivity, determination, regeneration, control, order, honor, respect, law, forgiveness, understanding, tolerance, inner peace, rest, relief, sacrifice.

Just as Mercury is the primary indicator of communication in the chart so the Ascendant or Rising sign, which stands for planet Earth, is the primary indicator of beauty. This does not mean it is the ONLY indicator, but the primary one. Every other planet, when well placed, will contribute to the total beauty of the individual, but there is always one that does so more than the others, and that is what the concept of ruler ship is all about. A planet is well placed when it is in its own gender, element, or sign. The Sun, for example, is well placed in a masculine (fire or air) sign, especially fire, and most of all in Leo (its ruling sign). The other planets follow the same rule according to their ruling signs.

The issue of rulership or dignity is pivotal to determining what is a beautiful planet and what is not. Planets in their own gender, element, or sign are comfortable or "at home" there because the natures of both the planet and the sign are complementary, similar, or even identical. Ease or comfort produces harmony which produces beauty. The more naturally the planet and sign blend the more harmony or beauty is produced. Planets in an inharmonious or incompatible gender, element, or sign are uncomfortable there and produce only tension, distortion, and conflict which produces ugliness.

The planets and their beauty quotients based on their ruling signs are as follows...

The Earth/Ascendant:

This is the main indicator of physical beauty (or the lack of it) in the chart. Earth rules Libra, the sign of beauty, so that Libra rising is first on the list of attractiveness. Libra rising has a beautiful face, and is well proportioned in every way. Not every Libra rising is perfect by the way -this depends on the other planets in the chart. One would think that the other two air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, would come next in order of attractiveness, but it seems Sagittarius and Leo hold that distinction. Sagittarius has a pretty or handsome face, is usually brunette and often tall with a great body. So many models have Sagittarius rising. Leo ascendant is regal or noble looking and usually blond or light in coloring. The male�s bad early. Gemini is usually slender, brunette and sometimes blonde, with a pretty or handsome face. Aquarius is also handsome or cute with brunette to blonde hair coloring. Finally, there is Aries ascendant, which is not too tall, usually brunette, and whose features show strength and confidence. The male�s also bad early.

The ascendant is not generally physically attractive in the earth and water signs, but there are always exceptions. Take Richard Gere and Burt Reynolds, for example, both of whom have Scorpio rising and are considered quite attractive. In such cases other factors in the chart overpower or greatly modify the Ascendant influence. In general, Earth sign ascendants tend to be short and stocky except for Capricorn which is often thin or slender looking. Water ascendants often have pretty faces but their bodies are so often obese or out of proportion, except for Scorpio who is generally stocky with a beaked or prominent nose. Of course, other powerful planets or patterns in the chart can modify these descriptions to varying degrees.

Determining a person's correct ascendant is not an easy task, mostly due to the fact that it changes sign roughly every two hours and that not everyone keeps accurate records. Then there is the astrologer's nightmare -daylight savings time (double summer and war time as well), which can throw you off by half a sign or more. Finally, there are often other overpowering elements in the chart which can sometimes eclipse or overshadow the Ascendant's influence. It's no wonder over fifty percent of charts have incorrect Ascendants (and Midheavens). This is particularly so with celebrities who often give false or modified birth data usually for reasons of privacy. Favourite strategies include changing the year or reversing AM and PM.

Relying solely on birth data is not enough. It helps tremendously to visually recognize the various Ascendants in people. I do this all the time with the outer planet positions which are easier to spot or recognize because of their long-term influences. It's a little trickier with rising signs, though, but with time and practice it can be done.

It also helps to know that neighboring signs are as different as night and day, and that this helps astrologers to decide between two rising signs. Also, masculine rising signs (fire or air) are generally taller, leaner, and more extroverted in nature, whereas the feminine ascendants (earth and water) are usually shorter, stockier, and more introverted in nature . A good way to narrow down the ascendant is to consider the element. Fire ascendants have that wild, energetic, and expressive look about them. Air ascendants have that social, refined, and intellectual look. Earth ascendants have that firm, tough, down to earth look. Water ascendants have that dreamy, sensitive, and domesticated look. Once you've figured out the element you can work on the specific sign.

Venus and Mars:

Perhaps next in importance after the Ascendant, when considering beauty, especially among females -is the planet Venus. The Ascendant is the covering, but Venus is the substance. Lady Venus, ruler of Taurus, is a very sensual and earthy planet. It rules the erotic or torrid aspects of love and sensuality. Venus is most desirable in the feminine signs, particularly in the earth signs, and most of all in Taurus -its ruling sign. Someone with both a masculine ascendant and a feminine Venus is truly a most attractive and desirable person, especially if female. Venus in fire can be passionate but it loses much of its femininity and can be crude or insensitive. Venus in air comes closest to being bisexual and has a very cerebral approach to sex.

Mars is best in the fire and air signs keeping the body trim and active and therefore contributing much to a person's beauty or level of physical attraction. Mars in fire, and especially in Aries -its ruling sign, is often found in the charts of athletes or people in occupations where physical strength, speed, and stamina are required. Mars in air is more mentally or socially than physically active, but stays trim and attractive nonetheless. These descriptions are especially true if the ascendant or rising sign is also in fire or air. Mars in Earth tends to be slow and sluggish while Mars in water lacks energy and confidence. These shortcomings will especially be evident if the ascendant is also in a feminine sign. Men (or women) with both a masculine Ascendant and Mars are often physically attractive and challenging to the opposite sex.


Uranus is another planet that can make a real difference on a beauty level. Like the Ascendant, it is an air sign planet, ruler of Aquarius, and air sign planets, when well placed are particularly strong endowers of beauty. Uranus in an air sign can give great beauty, and to a somewhat lesser degree in a fire sign. I have observed the various Uranus signs personally over the decades and can confidently vouch for this. The stunning beauty of Uranus in an air sign is especially evident when combined with a air or fire ascendant. As an example, some of the most gorgeous models are those born between 1968 and 1975, when Uranus was in Libra. Uranus in Libra is probably second only to Ascendant in Libra as far as beauty is concerned. Uranus in Gemini (1942-49) and Aquarius (1912-19) and (1995-2003) are also extremely attractive and exciting placements.

The Other Planets:

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto well placed have their own brand of beauty to offer.

The SUN is best in fire or air. A masculine Sun gives nobility and presence, especially when combined with a masculine Ascendant. Feminine Suns emit a lower force field and lack the "class" expressiveness, or dignity of their masculine counterparts

The MOON is best in water or earth. Feminine Moons give that competent, classic, or "professional" look, especially when combined with a masculine Ascendant. A particularly classic combination among women is Libra rising with Moon in Capricorn, which gives Barbie doll-like features. Masculine Moons, on the other hand, are primitive by comparison, especially the fire Moons which can be animalistic in nature. Air sign Moons can be attractive, but in a bland or superficial kind of way, and then only when combined with a masculine ascendant. A feminine Moon will go a long way towards someone's professional success. Most successful employees, businessmen, politicians, or professional people in general have feminine Moons.

JUPITER is best in fire or air. Masculine Jupiters gives height and fullness and prominence, especially when they are combined with a masculine ascendant. Feminine Jupiters lack the enthusiasm, grandeur, and the moral fiber of their masculine counterparts.

NEPTUNE is best in the water or Earth signs. Feminine Neptunes add grace, sensitivity, and refinement to one's physical features whereas masculine Neptunes give hard and almost clod-like features. I've noticed, for example, how many young people with Neptune in Sagittarius have long skinny legs with large feet.

PLUTO is best in water or Earth. A Feminine Pluto adds depth, contrast, magnetism, and femininity to the appearance whereas a masculine Pluto can look haunting and almost bisexual in nature. Many with Pluto in Cancer, for example, have a jovial and domesticated look. Pluto in Leo people have a brilliant but icy gaze. Those with Pluto in Virgo have a chic or "high-definition" look to them. Pluto in Libra is often noted for its slim-model or cerebral look, and so on.

I am uncertain about MERCURY's true rulership so I will not make any particular judgment on it, except to say that it appears to give a youthful and childish appearance when in the air signs.

The MIDHEAVEN is even more unclear to me. What effect it has, if any, on the physical appearance has hardly been touched upon and requires further research.

Dr Ram Sharma
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