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Technology Experts
Contact me for training and implementing creative Web site in ASP.NET C#, PHP & HTML template with Javascript/CSS/JQuery expert.

I have to Experience in Search Engine Optimizing + Internet Marketing & Freelancer for My expertize lies in Optimizing Static.

10 Years of Experience in Computer\Printer Hardware Technical Support

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Health & Medicine Experts
I am an expert in Diet & Nutrition, post graduated from British Institute in 1999. I have treated cases which have prevented Knee Replacement, made people live free of medicines

Consult me for your health related queries.

Patient care skills with a broad range of expertise in surgery and medical practices gained via exemplary loyal service and rapid progression. Get in touch with me for your health issues.

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Education Experts
I am a high school Math teacher. I have experience of 12 years in classroom teaching and more than 5 years of online live tutoring.

3 years of Online tutoring 3 years of Offline Assignment help Expert position 2 years of Live classroom exp - College lecturer

Working an Online Tutor, at present teaching many students of different nation. I teach Mathematics to the students of K12education and Logistics Management to the students of MBA & Diploma.

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Counselling Experts
Seven years of experience in the field working with Hospitals and Corporate. I deal with psychiatric and non-psychiatric cases including Relationship problems

I am a psychologist and relationship therapist for the past two decades and have been a consultant for many organizations including The Indian Air Force and NIE; The Times of India.

I have been working in different sub categories within the category of professional counseling & therapies.

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Business & Finance Experts
20 years of experience at corporate level in the fields of Accounting, Audits -Statutory & Internal, Direct & Indirect Taxation, Bank Financing, Company Law Matters, Business Processes etc.

Consult me for any printing related issues.I can provide you innovative solutions to complex problems and can lead your company to the top levels.

Dual degree in two different field Medical and Management. Medical Graduate from India and Master degree in International Management from University of Liverpool (U.K)

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Coaching Experts
I specialise in Spiritual Counselling, Meditation Coaching, Life Coaching, and ThetaHealing!

I am a coach for Career Advancement and an excellent facilitator & motivator for Self Development.

Mind Power Workshop, for the overall improvement of the quality of the person along with motivation for life and success on all levels.

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