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Tarot Mysteries Reading : Tarot Card Readings on Aarushi Talwar Murder Case .
By The.Hermit



In India everyone knows about the “Noida Double Murder Case”", The Murder of “Aarushi Talwar” and the servant “Hemraj”.

She was born on Born: May 24, 1993 and Died: May 15, 2008.

She was murdered on the age on 14 years a very small age to be died., Who killed her? Why she get killed,? and what is the main reason of her muder? Who killed her MAN or women or both.

There are lots of question about her are still pending after 5 years of her death. These questions bother every indian and me too.

After 5 years of her death i think i should ask these question to my Tarot cards,and will see what the answer i Got.

Note: No one pay me to do this, i just asked these questions because i want to see what answer i will get from cards.,


  1. I burnt incense sticks.
  2. I pay 5 minutes silence for her.
  3. 10 minutes of meditations before opening cards.
  4. Pray to GOD that her soul rest in a peace.


Question 1 : “Who Killed her”?


IMG-20130309-00315 [10 of Pentacles]

In this card you can see a family, an old Guy Sitting and a women and one Men Figure, they seems like a family. Cards seems pointing that someone from her family Killed her.

Question 2: “What is he reason behind her murder?”


IMG-20130309-00317 [5 of cups]

In this card we can see a MALE figure and that guys is sad, it seems that she is murdered because of some male. and this cards also show, isolation, and breaking a relationship.In “Question Number 1” we got an answer that some one from her family killed her so that means either she was in a relationship with a male or her relations with her relatives are not so good and that makes the reason to kill her.

Question 3: “At what time she get killed, day or Night”"?


IMG-20130309-00318 [ 2 of wands]

In this card we can see a yellow light in the sky. That means that time is day or we can say it was afternoon.

Question 4: “Which weapon were used to kill her”?


IMG-20130309-00319 [wheel of fortune]

In this card i didn’t notice any weapon on first look, but when i seen it closely i saw that there is sword on the hand of cat women. That may indicate that may be knife,blade,sword may get used to kill her,

Question 5: “Is she was in a relationship with someone”?


IMG-20130309-00321 [Temperance [reverse]]

in this card you can see that there is male figure but i got the card reverse, so that may means that she was liking someone but not in a full relationship.


I think i got the answeres of my questions . and i am satisfied with them, and i hope his mystery got solved soon and she will get the justice.

She may rest in Peace. God Bless her Soul./

The Hermit

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