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Bamboo stick
By Acharya JV

                                                    BAMBOO STICK


We use our favorite gem stones to seek positive energy and rule out the negative energy of our surroundings. But as seen in practical life one bamboo stick is as auspicious as a gem stone, especially for a person who is born in Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo or Aries lagna. If people born in these lagans use bamboo sticks at their home temples or at the decoration of their homes or use bamboo tree at their working tables, it gives out positive rays like any positive stone.


Today we can see small bamboo trees in offices, shops, residences etc ,and people have realized that it works. People think that it is part of Chinese feng shui, but we forget that it is purely Indian Vaastu and  that our forefathers used Bamboo cots through out the year. They used these cots, chairs and stools for sleeping, meeting and for working. As they sleep on them for 8 hours, they lived away from diseases and doctors, and lived as long as100 years without any big trouble. As they slept on it they were in mental peace and joint family systems could be implemented freely and successfully. Even for a new born baby people used specially designed small cot (Khatola). We observed that without any vaccination treatment for early 8 years children were surviving without any big problems. Due to continuous touch with bamboo sticks during sleeping and playing on Khatola children lived happy and healthy life at that time. They also used bamboo sticks (CHIKS) for partition of various parts of houses as a wall, which could be adjusted as required, by a thick cotton thread and as a result strong joint family systems implemented successfully.


At that time we also observed that old age persons were walking with the support of one Bamboo stick called beth and with full energy level they were doing day to day workings. In  schools, teachers were using bamboo stick/ beth to punish the naughty students. This beth was very effective to improve the obedience / discipline in the schools as well to improve the study level of poor knowledge students. This bamboo stick hurts very less to a student at the time of punishment and works to improve hard working and positive attitude in the student.


 We also find that in the last century, our leaders, bureaucrats and head of the institutions and industries were carrying a 2-3 feet size well painted and designed bamboo stick with them as a authority symbol. In the village areas at the time of hearing  panchayat/ disputed cases one Sarpanch /Judge were using Bamboo stick stools and chairs called mooraha to give a decision. Even now a days in some interior area’s panchayat , it is implemented to give fair decision of cases.


In metro cities, we can see that after a height  of 7 ft. wall people use 2-3ft.wall of bamboo stick partition between two houses/Kothis in a row, which results in healthy relationships between neighbors..


We can see that LORD KRISHNA can face every attack of demons with the support of just a small bamboo stick (FLUTE). For the persons of above mention Lagnas, if they provide any space for a flute or any bamboo stick at their home temple, working place or in house decoration, it really works and gives strength like a positive stone. To avoid negative effect of a beam in a room, vastu experts place flutes at 45 Degree angle under the beam whose results are magical.


Due to its strong strength and flexibility it is used to carry JAL Abshishek pots for thousands of kilometers journey during SAAWAN by millions of people all over India. We find that due to touching bamboo stick with the body of devotee during journey, people used to walk a very long journey on feet with full of energy, without any tiredness and sickness. In interior areas of Rajasthan, even these days, ladies are carrying 50-60 ltr. water from distant places on these bamboo sticks..


In the areas where there is no refrigerator people use bamboo baskets to store fresh vegetables and fruits as they do not get rotten in these baskets. Due to its positive energy, we can see very effective results of uses of  bamboo sticks in different areas all over the world. We see that snake owners / Saperas always use bamboo stick basket with bamboo stick lid on it to carry snakes from one place to another. Due to these bamboo sticks snakes get positive energy as well as oxygen and remain calm and cool for no. of years.  


Therefore as a result, we see that Flute or piece of Bamboo sticks, works like Gem stones for the people whose Jupiter planet is in support of his birth horoscope. People with other lagans are also taking good benefits of these bamboo sticks in their day to day life.


Acharya JV
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