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Dawn Michael - Manyzone Expert

Understanding professional in the field of sexual health, sex education and sex therapy, non-judgmental and safe!
Cal State Northridge CA, B.A. (communications and Psychology) Phillips Graduate Institute M.A. Marriage Family Child Therapy. Institute for Sexual Self Realization AASECT approved Clinical Sexologist. PhD studies in Human Sexuality: The Institute For Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Clinical Sexologist: Institute for Sexual Self Realization: 2010,
My work as a clinical sexologist and relationship counselor, have given me the knowledge and insight to be open minded and non-judgmental. Over the past 12 years I have helped thousands of individuals with sexual related issues. I have published hundreds of articles in the field of human sexuality, clinical sexual problems, relationship advice, marriage strategies,and dating advice. My articles have been featured in Corset magazine, eHarmoney, PsychCentral, Wellness, to name a few. I am the L.A. love and marriage examiner. I have also been a special guest on national television and featured guest on several radio shows.
I am a certified clinical sexologist and relationship counselor. I have helped thousands of people over the years with various sexual problems and relational issues. I work with men, women and couples in all areas of human sexuality, diagnosis and treatment. Areas of expertise but not limited to: Erectile dysfunction, lack of desire, intimacy issues in marriage, sex education, sex techniques, gender issues, cuckolding and open relationships, fetish information, sexual healing, hormone questions for both men and women, anorgasmia, painful sex, women's sexual issues, Porn use and over use, sexual fantasy, age related sexual issues, and any topic related to human sexuality.

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