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Narinder Nijjar - Manyzone Expert
Quality work in ASP.net, VB.Net, SQL, Mysql, VB6, Database, NAVISION ERP, Oracle, CRYSTAL REPORTS, Sharepoint Server 2007,Java Script, XML..
Masters in Computer Science.
Microsoft Certified Navision Functional Consultant (Navision 4.0 Financials MB7-225) and Certified C Side Developer MB7-222.
Certification in Oracle and Visual Basic.
I have got the experience of more than 16 years working for different organizations across various countries.

Consultancy and development in Software For Large Scale manufacturing and Service Industry Using Microsoft ERP Navision
  • RDBMS based Software development and Support
  • Developed Various Client Server applications in Visual Basic / VB.net /ASP.net
  • Development of Business Applications in both two tier and three tier environments mainly in VB 6.0 , Sql 2005 and Crystal Reports 8.5
  • Development of Dynamic Web Applications using JSP (Proficiency in java Applets)
  • Development of Standalone applications using Java as a front end tool and SQL 2000/2005 as backend server (Proficiency in Java AWT, Java Swings, JDBC/ODBC)
  • Good knowledge of Java API
  • Experience in working in different social and cultural environments through extensive work experience in different countries and industries.
  • Good working experience for developing web based components (.ascx files)
  • Good working Knowledge of Microsoft Content Management Server 2001
  • Good working Knowledge of Sharepoint Server 2007 Insallation and development of Business Intelligence applications
Details of some of the Projects::
  • Chemical Manufacturing Company: The project was to implement Navision 4.0 in a chemical manufacturing Company. I started the Job by doing system Analysis study. Did the Business Analysis work for the client. During the Analysis, Gap Analysis (Difference between the clients requirement and software functionality) was prepared. Major Gap was found in manufacturing module. I did the coding work to develop a complete Quality Control Module for the client. Some minor coding work was done in Inventory Module and sales module. All the Coding were done in C/Al language. I did the setup for All the Modules (Sales and Marketing, Purchase, Inventory, Finance, Manufacturing, EXIM). I did good Amount of work in Report writing. Complete User training and after Implementation support was Provided by me
  • Steel and Alloys Industry: The Project was to Implement Navision 4.0 in a Steel and Alloys Industry. My Role starts from doing System study and Business Analysis. During The Analysis Major gaps were found Security and Responsibility center Functionality. The client doesn’t want the location people see the data of other location. So by Coding this objective was achieved. The client has major concerns over the Planning Worksheet Issue where he want some time location inventory has to be considered in calculating inventory or not. I develop separate code unit to serve this purpose. I developed some 10-12 Code units including some 40-50 functions. I did the whole setup for all the modules. Some 30-40 Reports were either developed or modified by me. I gave full After Implementation support
  • Oil and Gas Sector : This Project is for implementing Navision 4.0 in Oil and Gas Sector. The client was giving service to oil and Gas companies by digging Oil wells. The main area of clients concern was the Purchase where he wants to track the purchase order after giving payment. The major emphasis was on Job and Resources module of Navision. We develop a special format for DPR (Daily progress Report) as per IADC (International association for drilling Contractors) norms. All the locations were connected via VPN (Virtual Private Network). Some coding work was done to make the billing part of the on going Job Work. I gave full consultancy in all the major modules (Sales, Purchase, Finance, Inventory, Job and Resources, Assets Management). I did some Coding work to Update asset Master. I gave all the setup was done by me and after Implementation Support by me.
  • Malaysian Stock Exchange: Worked on a RDBMS based Solution for Malaysian Stock exchange. The software take care of all daily trading activities of all the stock exchange Brokers The software generates warning for unusual fluctuations of market Activity.Full Financial Accounting system was incorporated in the software
  • Financial Accounting System:Develop a Application for financial Accounting system using front end as Java and sql server As backend database My role was to develop Java Classes as per logic of the Application. Did some coding work in Sql (Store procedures, Triggers) etc
  • Hospital Mangement System: Develop a RDBMS Based Solution for Hospital Management System (King Abdul Aziz University Hospital Saudi Arabia ) Functionality Covers OPD, IPD, Operation theatre, Reception, Nursing, X-ray, Radiology, Blood Bank, Finance, HRM Coding was done in VB6.0, Sql Server 2000 was backend server, Crystal reports 8.5 was used for developing reports
  • Gerald Electrical: Develop a Customized ERP for a Australian Company Gerard Electrical Front End Coding was done in VB 6.0, Database Coding was done in Sql Server 2000 Crystal report 8.5 was used for developing Reports Responsibility was from Doing System study, Making Documents, Coding, Testing, and end user training. Successfully did coding part for Sales, Purchase, Finance, Inventory and Asset Management Modules I did major work in Data Synchronization Area.
My skill set:
  • Navision ERP
  • Database:Sql Server, MY SQL, MS Access, Oracle
  • VB.Net / ASP.Net
  • Crystal Reports
  • Visual Basic
  • XML
  • Java Script
  • Sharepoint Server 2007
  • Business Analysis

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