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simplymath - Manyzone Expert

experienced Math faculty for IIT-JEE Main/Advanced
B.Tech. in Mechanical Engg., from IIT-Delhi
5 years
Do you fear MATH ?! The question is WHY?
Go back to your childhood days, remember how you learnt alphabets by looking at the pictures assigned to them and remembering what they stand for. You learnt English language easily. You can learn any language for that matter, but you always had difficulty with math, you know why? Because no one taught you MATH as a LANGUAGE.
Yes! math is just another language guys :) Learning it requires the same methodology. Alphabets of mathematics are sure a little different ;) plus, minus, modulus, iota, limit, derivative, integral, variable, constant, coordinates...and many...all have some meaning and can be associated with a picture like 'a' for 'apple' ! Learn the alphabets, and we can talk in Mathematics.

With the vision to enable students with the absolute science of life. i.e. MATHEMATICS by simplifying the methods to learn it, "SimplyFyMaths" came into existence to help many.

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