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Sneha Makhija - Manyzone Expert

Focused on providing Individuals & couples counselling services.Specializing in work related stress, womens’ issues, family mediation services work-life & lifestyle Management
M.A. with Clinical Psychology as Specializing Subject
B.A. in General Psychology
More than 3 years
Having more than 3 year experience in the field of Psychology.

# Consultant Counselling Psychologist with multiple hospitals

# Visiting Faculty

# working as Expert on the Panel for Conducting Counselling Sessions through Corporate visits, phone calls &/ or answering online queries related to health, lifestyle, work-life and wellness.

# Honorary Esteemed Council Member/Ambassador at International Council of Professional Therapists Cyprus- Represent ICPT & its members in 150 countries worldwide.

# Publications-Managing Stress by Changing your Lifestyle Published by Indian Association of Health, Research, and Welfare's.

# Delivered Many Professional Talks at Corporate offices.

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