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Ask Questions : 1-3 days
I have nurtured good predictive skills in analyzing Natal / Lagna Charts and made promising predictions which have come true.
Ask Questions : 1-3 days
I will help you in knowing various facets of life be it career, relationships, marriage, finances etc. using the planetary placements and transitional states.
Ask Questions : 1-3 days
Astrological readings which will bring meaning and reasoning to to various aspects of life like job and career, relationships, finances, business, marriage, lost love, cheating and affairs.
Ask Questions : 1-3 days
5 years of rich experience in field of astrology with unique solution driven approach to modern problems through astrology.
Ask Questions : 1-3 days
I am a gifted reader and healer. My abilities are that i am a born clairvoyant, medium, em-path and i am intuitive as well. I use my energy to help others. Sometimes i use tarot cards, runes, crystals
Ask Questions : 1-3 days
Ask Questions : 1-3 days
I'm in Astrology & Tarot reading, Energy & Sensation Connection, healing. I use clairvoyance and channel energies to help in life matters like love & relationships, career, divorce breakup reconciling
Ask Questions : 1-3 days
Connect with me to get guidance about what your future holds in love, marriage, career path, reunite. Honest reading no sugar coating..
Ask Questions : 1-3 days
Consult me for problems related to marriage, relationships, business, career, job, education, family, health. I provide customized consultancy & solutions to clients using Vedic, KP and Naadi Jyotish
Ask Questions : 1-3 days
You can ask the experts any guidance or the solutions as remedial measures for any of the problems being faced in your life.
Ask Questions : 1-3 days
Myself Vivek and I am a Vedic astrologer and i am here to provide you assistance based on Vedic astrology in various areas of life.
Ask Questions : 1-3 days
I have expertise in Vedic astrology, numerology, graphology, phrenology, palmistry and vaastu. Do reach me for marriage analysis, match making, love & relationship issues and more.
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