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Buddhists have festivals centered on Buddha and the Bodhisattvas. It is said that most of the festivals were started by Buddha himself. However, in India, one doesn’t see much of the hype centered on these festivals as in other religions. Festivals are more religious and spiritual than social in nature. The festivals are a way of reminding themselves of the righteous path they need to follow.

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Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima, has got three fold significance for Buddhists and is the most sacred day in the Buddhist calendar. This is the day when Buddha was born, attained enlightenment and attained Nirvana when he died. Thi

Hemis Gompa

Hemis Gompa is a two-day festival and depicts a dance-homage to the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava - known also as Guru Rimpoche, the founder of Tantric Buddhism and main saint who established Buddh


Losar, the most important holiday in Tibet, is celebrated as Tibetan New Year. The word Losar is a Tibetan word for New Year. LO means year and SAR means new. The celebrations of this festival lasts for 15 days and


Ullambana lierally means "deliverance from sufferings" and specially refers to the salvation of sufferings, afflictions, or worries of seven generations of fathers and mothers who are presently facing the