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Bakr-Eid ( Bakr-Id ) also known as Eid-Ul-Adha is one of the special festivals of Muslims and all the Muslims celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. Bakr-Id is celebrated from the tenth to the twelfth day in the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah.This festival is known for sacrifice and is also known as “festival of sacrifice” and “sacrifice feast”. Its an occasion to give and to sacrifice. It is a day to thank the Almighty for one's good fortune and to share it with the less fortunate brethren.Popularly, Bakr-Id is marked by the slaughter of animals as sacrificial offerings, after which the meat is distributed among the needy and deprived. Id-ul-Zuha, or Id-ul-Azha, as it is called in Arabic, translates as 'the feast of sacrifice'. Popularly, Bakr-Id is marked by the slaughter of animals as sacrificial offerings, after which the meat is distributed among the needy and deprived.

It is said that according to the customs, meat has to be divided into three equal parts among the family, friends and neighbors and deprived people. Muslims visit houses of their near and dear ones on this festival to celebrate the festival in the best way. Delicious food, desserts and beverages are cooked and served on this festival to people who visit any Muslims house. Why this occaasion is referred to as the "feast of sacrifice"? This can be understood through the legend related to this festival of Muslims.

About Bakra Eid

Legend has it that Hazrat Ibrahim( Abraham) was asked by the Almighty Allah to sacrifice his son Ismail on Mount Mina near Mecca. That was the moment when Ibrahim blindfolded himself for carrying out the pronouncement of the God so that he wouldn't be able to see his son being killed by him. When he took off the blindfold, a lamb lay slaughtered on the altar and his son stood there unharmed. That was the message clear enough to make him understand that the God was testing his ability to sacrifice his will and self.This spirit of sacrifice is what truly underlines the spirit of Bakr-Id. Incidentally, the day also coincides with the day when the holy Quran was declared complete.

Festivities mark the first day, when people wear new clothes, offer prayers at the mosque, and greet friends and relatives. Special prayers are offered on all three days. It is said that the celebrations are carried on over three days to ensure that the entire Muslim community partakes in the noble of act of giving and sharing. Bakr-Id is celebrated all over India with much fervour, as it is in the rest of Islamic world. The name Bakr-Id, however, is most popular in India. In Arabic, the feast is usually referred to as Id-ul-Azha or Id-ul-Zuha.

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About Bakra Eid

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Eid-Ul-Adha is one of the special festivals of Muslims and all the Muslims celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. This is an Eid of sacrifice and is known as “festival of sacrifice” and “sacrifice feast”. As the Ramadan m

When is Bakra-Eid Celebrated

Bakra-id is one of the special festivals celebrated by Muslims irrespective of the fact, that wherever a Muslim person is, the festival of Eid -Ul -Adha is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm.

Muslims celebrate the festi